Album: Olamide - Unruly Download

Album: Olamide - Unruly Download


Album: Olamide - Unruly Download

Nigeria Streetpop and Afrobeat legend Olamide is back with his newest album titled "Unruly" which contains 8 tracks cooked to perfection. Olamide is a prominent figure in the Nigerian Music Industry, leaving an indelible mark through his exceptional talent, innovative style, and cultural influence.

Olamide Music is a unique blend of various genres, including hip-hop, Afrobeat, and Yoruba Indigenous sounds. His newest work "Unruly" showcases all the elements that are present throughout Olamide's career as an Artist. 

The Album "Unruly" is infused with vibrant styles, catchy lyrics, amazing melodies, and wonderful production. Truly the album is a masterpiece of artwork.

He collaborated with a number of artists like BNXN fka Buju, Asake, Ckay, and so on whose rise in the industry has been greatly affected by Olamide. These features also cooked the album to perfection and raised the bar very high in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Download The Album "Unruly" below and listen to this masterpiece

Get the Album Below.

  1. Olamide - Celebrate  
  2. Olamide - Jinja 
  3. Olamide - Problem
  4. Olamide - Gaza
  5. Olamide - Doom
  6. Olamide - Trumpet ft Ckay
  7. Olamide - Come Alive (ft BNXN fka Buju)
  8. Olamide - New Religion (ft Asake)
  9. Olamide - Shibebe Ft Fireboy
  10. Olamide - Mukulu
  11. Olamide - Hardcore
  12. Olamide - Supplier
  13. Olamide - Life Goes On
  14. Olamide - No Worries 
  15. Olamide - Street Jam

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